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About Me


My name is Krystal and my absolute passion is helping musicians and creative entrepreneurs like you to create their dream careers by helping free up their time. I believe that with a dream and a plan you can achieve whatever you set out to.

I'll help you build your dream website or manage your music marketing. I also create branding, help with strategy, and teach the importance of having goals and an actionable plan. I specialize in creating customized Squarespace sites, artist management, single and album release plans, and business development.

Before I began helping artists in the music industry, I was an event planner. I love to organize and plan! I also run my own music blog, Heaps Good Bangers, and I understand the importance of a great PR pitch, badass website, marketing strategy, and well-done EPK. Currently, I am the Director of Operations for the female-focused record label Peach House Records, as well as the Bay Area Chapter Lead for #WomenCrush Music

I’ve got my ‘I’m A Boss’ playlist on blast and am ready to get to work on your next project.